Hi! Welcome to Toola! We design and create Babushka Matryoshka fabric dolls that are hand crafted with unique designs.

The original Babushka Matryoshka doll dates back to the late 1800’s and was created as a set of dolls, with one nesting inside the next. Typically the outermost doll is a female doll, as the term “Matryoshka” derives from the Russian word for matriarch, and the term “Babushka” refers to a grandmother or an elderly woman.

The Toola Babushka Matryoshka dolls are soft, pillow-like versions of the traditional Babushka dolls. Each doll is different from the next, possessing its own unique identity, with its own set of colors and patterns and includes the sweet “Babushka” face, with big eyes and delicate features. The Toola doll truly encompasses the essence of a Babushka, as its softness lends itself to snuggling, just like with grandmother. The dolls are safe for babies and young children, and also make for stunning accent pieces in the home.

At Toola, we put our heart and soul into hand-crafting each doll, giving each its own personality and character. These classic, beautiful dolls bring light to any household and friendship to those who embrace them. They are washable and made of 100% cotton with polyester fiberfill stuffing.